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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Hampton Court

This morning I bade farewell to the Radisson Blu Bloomsberry Hotel. It had been a good choice. The contrast at Hampton Court is considerable. How quickly the inner city bustle and landscape gave way to suburbia and finally to the river.

There is a sense of tranquillity. My room - obligingly cleaned and made available for me at 11.30 am- opens on to a small inner courtyard, sunny, quiet, pleasant - and featuring a Bottle Brush!


I brewed myself a pot of (extremely weak)coffee and sat by the window to stitch and write for a bit

In the afternoon I walked over to the Palace to find the meeting point for my class tomorrow. It is at most a 10 minute walk from the hotel at the end of the walkway..

There were lots of people out visiting the Palace - locals rather than tourists.

It has a lot of charm. I walked a while along the river path, bought one of the ubiquitous soft-serve ice-creams and ate  it in the sun.

The wifi connection in the hotel is lousy so I spent a couple of hours on the computer in the Library, occasionally looking up to admire the tapestries.

I had dinner in the Brasserie by the river  
- at least one wedding and two celebrations involving crowns and sashes for the guest of honour were being celebrated in the three eateries in the hotel.

Back in my room it is quiet and comfortable. Early start tomorrow for my RSN class - very pleased to be so close.


  1. Sounds like another good choice. Those tapestries are beautiful. Enjoy the class. Viv

  2. Sounds like a lovely, peaceful day. So good to read these updates xx00 (Alison)

  3. Dear nana I hope you continue to have a good time in London NK

    1. Thank you Niamh. I am so far enjoying myself - but it would be nice if you were here!

  4. How lovely and leisurely this sounds! Had I commented yesterday, I'd have envied you the sun, because we've had a couple of bleak grey days, but the sun is out again today, though it is definitely winter. Your little courtyard looks delightful, and how nice to be in easy strolling distance of your class.

  5. Sounds as if you are pacing yourself well and that your choice of places to stay has worked beautifully. I have been to Hampton Court only once - in 1990 - but I'm sure not much has changed! Your blog jogs another Stephen memory for me as we visited with my sister and brother-in-law when Steve and I visited London together. I can picture him stumping around Hampton Court on his crutches and being very pleased with himself for appearing from the Maze while Lorna, Phil and I relaxed with coffee. Your privileged access to the back rooms for your embroidery class also sounded perfect for you! I am loving reading this blog.

    1. You are right that not much has changed. My first visit was in 1968 - my first visit to UK and my Uncle Harry took me. He liked the Palace a lot. I'm glad to have sparked the memories.