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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Quiet stitching day

Today we had two classes with a lot of free time in between. Some people walked into Pitlochry for lunch and/or shopping, others did washing in the hotel's guests' laundry. I had lunch in the hotel with a newfound friend and re-packed my suitcase. The weather has warmed up so I managed to get my coat and my two embroidery projects (including threads) into my suitcase. I still haven't used the expander, but may need to do so when I get to Nottingham. By then it won't matter, as I won't have to manoeuvre the bag on public transport.

My morning class was the crewel work project. We learned a new (to me) technique of French knots. It's about the placement of both hands and the technique of holding the wool and pulling it through.i felt pretty confident about it by the end. We also worked the bud, with a process for building thickness and raising the stitches.
Tomorrow we see the original of this designat Glamis. It is on the inside of the bed hangings.

In the afternoon I did a last class with Meredith on the Phoebe Anna piece. I worked on finishing the bird. I didn't get it finished, but I made an impression on it. I am itching to finish this - but have quite a way to go. I have handed back my sitting frame that I borrowed from Phillipa - so won't be able to do much of it until I get home.

Meredith kindly sent me a copy of a photo she took yesterday. Thanks Meredith, it was really kind.
After dinner- for me, a really good entre of haggis in a pastry puff, followed by poached salmon- Phillipa gave an illustrated talk on the history of British embroiderery through pieces in private collections. It was very helpful. 

Tomorrow is our last day and should be great.


  1. Lovely photo of you. The work is coming on so well. Vivienne.

  2. Have a great last day. A very pleased about the haggis!!!

  3. I'm really desperate to know if the friend had to sit on the suitcase (a familiar job for me from years past!)
    Lovely pic!

  4. No, she did not. I do d, however, have to lean rather heavily on it myself! I have not yet used the expander, but it's a tight fit with my coat inside. The weather is finally turning warm. I'm trying to travel to York and Nottingham with coat and jumper inside my suitcase,, then outside on the way home. I have been very restrained about purchases!

  5. Your embroidery looks really good there, Jillian! Do you think your technique has benefitted from the teaching?

  6. Yes, I do, Monica. I'm about to start work on the crewel work piece again. I have done crewel work before but Phillipa's very precise instructions in technique gave me insights that I will apply to get better effects than I have to date. Meredith's extensive observation of Phoebe Anna Trequair's work has given me a sense of experimentation that I've been applying to that work ( now finished - as you'll see soon from embroidery blog). I think it's been quite formative.