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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The View from a Train and York

I travelled to York this morning - shared a  taxi to the station with Liz and Marie-Claude with an hour to spare. I might be a 'just-in-time' traveller at home, but away from home and on my own I am ultra cautious. I ascertained at the station that my train was the Inverness to London train, found the platform, and once the 10.30 train had departed, a seat on which to wait out the hour.

Even the station is squeezed by stone wall and defences.
The train was on time. A bit busier than the Cheltenham to Edinburgh train, but fine. The scenery was interesting - the train runs within sight of the cliff edge around Dunbar and Berwick-upon-Tweed in the early part of the journey. 

There were people playing golf and cattle grazing close to the cliff edge. Then the Tweed went out to sea. 
There were refreshments  and wifi. 
The first stop was Newcastle.
I caught a glimpse of Durham
before alighting in York at 1.54 pm with the generous assistance of the on-train attendants.

It has finally warmed up. The 28C in York feels like Summer. This is where I could do with the sandals and cropped jeans I sent home from Norfolk! I even abandoned my only short-sleeved Tshirt in Edinburgh. 

This afternoon I have had a bit of a rest, then got a map and formulated a bit of a plan for tomorrow. The good old hop-on-hop off bus stops close to the hotel, so I think I shall spend tomorrow - and maybe Thursday as well, hopping on and off at the key points I want to visit.

The hotel has a pool and backs on to the River Foss, which flows into the Ouse a few hundred yards downstream.  I walked along the river a little to orient myself. It is a quiet place for a bit of fishing 
and the nearby footbridge carries a lot of cyclists with views of swans.
Directly behind the hotel is a sluice gate on the River Foss.
The castle is clearly visible from the sluice gate.
I'm enjoying being able to take my time - but missing my fellow stitchers. I hope they all made their respective flights and connections. 

I shall overcome my aversion to talking about food long enough to say I had a good dinner tonight- a two ducks entre (smoked and pate - with cherries), 
A 'super salad'
and (here's a surprise) icecream and sorbets!
I should sleep well.


  1. We did the reverse train trip. Thanks for reviving happy memories. We used the hop-on hop-off and also did a little river trip which was lovely. Looks a great meal

    1. I'm planning on the river cruise too, probably on Thursday!

  2. Well, that duck looks completely amazing, so, worth the photo! And all the scenic shots from the train also are beautiful. That white building near the water looks so quintessentially British to me! And all the towns and stoneworks too, of course.

    I'm guess that you were totally freezing in Scotland, if you were ditching your warm weather clothes! We'll see...