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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The road to Ely

We I had organised from Australia  to be picked up at Hampton Court and transported to Ely by an Ely company called Elyte Services. I liked the name. They had communicated with me in detail by email and were there on time to collect me.

My driver was a mine of information ion - about the Thames, our route, the history of places - and really good, easy company.

He offered to detour through Baldock - to show me a coach house - because of an element of my family history. 

He then offered to take me through the Cambridge backs - so I could glimpse the colleges. It was a terrific journey, which I won't forget in a hurry. 

We swung around through the edge of the city, past King's College 

It was squally and I took the photos through glass. It took careful driving.

I felt enormously priveliged - this was way beyond expectations.
We arrived at my hotel in Ely about 1pm. This is the view from my window.

I visited the Cathedral this afternoon and returned for choral evensong at 5.30pm. I think the Cathedral, however,will keep for another post. I'm immensely tired - not sure I will manage a single stitch tonight!


  1. Sometimes it's the journey that matters and you really seemed to have had a good one today. Kxx

  2. What a lovely drive you had. Fabulous part of the country.

  3. We've had more water drama here at home, so I am catching up again. Not enough for swans, fortunately, but undesired nevertheless!

    This is a nice "day in the life" series. I love that guy in tweed on the bicycle -- not something you'd likely see around here! I also really like that Art Nouveau Ryder & Ames lettering, I think I could use that. I can see why the driver was happy to show off his town!

  4. I'm so sorry Monica, that you are still having water trouble. It must take so much time. Hope it gets sorted soon.
    I'm so glad you like the tweedy man. He reminded me of the Inklings - a quintessential don.